Global Sports Alliance (GSA) is a global network of sport enthusiasts that want to leave a healthy environment for our future generations.

About GSA
GSA is a global network of sport enthusiasts that want to leave a healthy and rich natural environment for our future generations and are taking action through the Ecoflag Movement.

The cause of global environmental problems has been the prioritization of economic activity, whilst ignoring the scientific facts and physical limitations of the world around us. For many environmental problems are considered someone else's problem, without recognizing the need for the kind of social change that will bring fundamental solutions.

Anyone that enjoys sport and outdoor activity can see the impact that environmental problems have on our health and performance and realize that these problems affect us all. Sport enthusiasts also have the power to exert a significant influence on society. If the more than one billion sport enthusiasts worldwide become environmentally conscious and take action, we will have a movement capable of solving global environmental problems.

GSA's mission is to contribute to the creation of a clean air society. To achieve this we aim to:
  1. Create environmental awareness and a corresponding basic understanding of science that will help to shape our society.
  2. Develop an economy based on human skill and creativity rather than mass-production and consumption.
  3. Enrich nature where people can enjoy outdoor sports in their local area.

GSA Players promote the Ecoflag Movement by flying the Ecoflag and spreading the concept of Ecoplay through sport. In order to support these actions the GSA World Center holds a Global Forum every two years, organizes Team Captains' meetings and has developed the G-ForSE database -- an archive of environmental action in sport ( GSA also runs the Sport-Eco.Net project that promotes the ‘reduction reuse and recycling' of sports equipment. (

To ensure the growth and smooth functioning of the Ecoflag Movement, GSA is organized as follows.
GSA Organization
GSA World Center The World Center develops the philosophy, mission and actions of the organization, as well as organizing Team Captains' meetings, the Global Forum and the G-ForSE database.
GSA Regional Centers A regional office that support the local GSA Teams within their area by providing support, seeking funding and promoting their activities.
GSA Local Teams GSA Teams form the driving force behind the Ecoflag Movement. They fly the Ecoflag and promote the concept of Ecoplay.