Global Sports Alliance (GSA) is a global network of sport enthusiasts that want to leave a healthy environment for our future generations.

The Ecoflag Movement is a global drive by sport enthusiasts to increase environmental awareness and action through sport. In addition to the concept of “fair play”, GSA emphasizes “Ecoplay”, which means to enrich nature and reduce energy and material consumption, as a fundamental part of sportsmanship. If we can unite a billion sport enthusiasts to practice fair play and Ecoplay in their sporting and everyday lives, we can have a significant impact on global environmental problems. The Ecoflag is the symbol of Ecoplay and the Ecoflag Movement.

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Do you know what cleans the air?
The actions of modern society don't reflect the basic scientific principles we learned in school--the fact that oxygen is produced through photosynthesis, that it is water circulation that maintains comfortable temperatures, and that the soil and natural ecosystem clean water and air. Let's build a society that bridges the gap between 'what we know' and 'what we do'.

Plant a seed in your own consciousness
Global economic activity is the root cause of global environmental problems. By changing our consciousness we can practice Ecoplay—working towards the creation of a clean air society rather than focusing purely on short-term profit.

Fair play and Ecoplay-this is the true nature of sportsmanship
Flying the Ecoflag across all fields of sport, calling on sport enthusiasts to practice fair play and Ecoplay, and planting a seed in the consciousness of a billion sport enthusiasts worldwide—this is the “Ecoflag Movement!”

The Power to develop a new kind of society = People X Awareness X Action

“Ecoplay” means to enrich nature and reduce energy and material consumption. Here are some examples:

As a sport enthusiast
* Enjoy outdoor sports in rich nature
* Reduce garbage and avoid damaging nature at sport events
* Choose long lasting equipment and take care of it

As a consumer
* Invest in human creativity over mass consumption
* Eat locally produced organic foods
* Create a better society through voluntary work or donations
* Support legislation that protects the environment

As a professional
* Green the local environment and fight desertification and the heat island effect
* Produce high value, low impact products
* Reduce energy and material consumption and invest in alternative technologies