Global Sports Alliance (GSA) is a global network of sport enthusiasts that want to leave a healthy environment for our future generations.

GSA Goods The Ecoflag is a symbol for environmental action in sport and is flown across all fields of sport, as well as in everyday life. In addition to the flag, GSA has produced a range of goods to help spread its message, and all profits go towards promoting the Ecoflag Movement.

Conditions of Use
  • The Ecoflag is for use at sporting events and should not be used as part of any demonstrations or in conjunction with any other form of protest
  • The sole purpose of the Ecoflag is the promotion of environmental awareness and action through sport and should not be used for personal profit, or to promote any religious, political or business agenda.
  • The Ecoflag design should not be altered without prior permission.
  • The flag must not be flown at any event that is known to have a significantly negative impact on the natural environment.

Any questions regarding use of the Ecoflag should be sent to